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  Term Literature - lecturers
If you are a lecturer looking to order term literature for your students, read about the procedure here.

  Term Literature - students
Get an overview of the books you need for the current term. Here you can reserve books or have them delivered directly to your home.

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  Opening Hours
Odense, Campusvej
Odense, OUH

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  Week 42
Studenterboghandelen on Campusvej has slightly altered opening hours in week 42:
Monday - Thursday: 10:00 - 14:00
Friday: Closed

The outlets in Kolding and at the hospital in Odense are both shut during week 42.

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  Student discount
This book store offers 10 % discount to students at universities. Read here to find out whether you are eligible for student discount or not.

In order to obtain student discount you must register as a member and enter your student number and place of study before placing your order.
Some titles are not eligible for the discount. In order to be as price competitive as possible, we often have to set the prices so low that a further discount is impossible. You are more than welcome to ask us if you have any questions.


  Stock - Information
Studenterboghandelen has broadened the range of non-Danish titles for ordering online. You can now search and order among several million titles. This of course means we do not stock every single one of those title. If you are in doubt and want to inquire about the stock of a title, feel free to contact one of our stores or send an email.

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